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Use This Tip to Make Learning English Fun for You!

Learning English is boring for you probably because the way you study and practice is boring, the subjects and the topics that you are using to practice are boring, not int

Student practicing English at a coffee shop.
Make learning English fun and interesting!

eresting. Most importantly, the place where you are studying is boring! Your environment isn't fun. So I may have a solution for this problem.

The reason most learners don't enjoy learning English is because they try to study English the same way they study math, science, and physics. That's not how it works with learning English! Let me share with you an easy and simple tip.

Grab a pair of headphones, your phone, a notebook and some cash for a coffee or tea and head to a coffeeshop. The atmosphere of a coffee shop is relaxing and fun. It gives you the feeling that you want to study or read a book. Here you can focus because the environment is not boring and it encourages you to practice some English. Now, find a good lesson, a podcast or a YouTube video lesson and put on your headphones and focus. Now that you are in a relaxing and enjoyable environment, you also need to study with a fun and interesting topic or lesson. It should not be boring.

The reason this is important is because it your mind doesn't like to engage in something that is boring or uninteresting. Imagine watching a boring movie; you'll fall asleep, but if the movie is fun and exciting and it has a good storyline, you want to watch and see what happens in the end. If you do this, I guarantee you will start enjoying the process and you will find learning English fun, exciting and interesting.

This will motivate and encourage you to keep going and if this actually works for you, then keep doing it. If you can't go to a coffeeshop for whatever reason, maybe you are not close to one or you can't afford it, that's totally fine! You can create a fun study vibe at a park or at home. Set up a nice study area in your house or bedroom and make it look nice and attractive. Make sure it a quiet place so you can focus. Grab your phone, headphone, and notebook and start studying. Don't get up until you finish the lesson. If it works, keep doing it and I promise you, you will start noticing huge progress in your English skills and you will no longer find learning English boring.

Practicing English at a coffeeshop
A fun way to practice English!

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