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22 Important Phrasal Verbs A-Z

  • Here are 20 phrasal verbs that are commonly used in spoken American English:

  • Act up: to behave badly, misbehave, to not function properly (engine).                              Examples: One of my students was acting up today. I need to talk to her parents.               My car’s engine is acting up. I need to go to a mechanic. 

  • Break down: I think my car will break down soon; the engine is acting up.  

  • Break down: 

  • Example: This sentence is difficult to understand. Can you break it down please?

  • Break down: to lose control of your emotions when in a state of distress. 

  •             Example: I broke down in tears when I heard of the passing of my aunt.

  • Call off: to cancel an event or meeting.                                                                                 Example: They had to call off the wedding because of Covid-19.

  • Drop off: to leave someone or something at a specific location. Examples: Can you drop me off at the corner, please? They dropped off the package at my neighbor’s door.

  • End up: to reach or come to a place, condition, or situation that was not planned or expected. Examples: He didn’t want to end up like his father. She ended up a rich woman. He kept getting into trouble until he ended up in jail. 

  • Fit in: to try to be accepted by a group of people or seen as “one of them.”  Example: After they moved to California, Paula had trouble fitting in with the new students in the new school.

  • Get by =  to manage to do something with great difficulty.

  • Hold on = wait for a moment

  • Jot down 

  • Keep up

  • Lay off

  • Move out

  • Put off = postpone something 

  • Rip off

  • Show up

  • Turn down (a contract / job offer)

  • Work out = be successful 

  • Zone out = zone out for a bit and then say thank you for 20K followers

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