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How my TikTok grew...

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Let's talk about TikTok. As of right now, Thursday, January 21. 2021, I have 41,636 followers on TikTok as well as 130571 likes on my posts. I'm extremely proud and grateful about the journey so far and I'm excited about what's waiting ahead.

Four months ago, September, 21, 2020, I had only 40 followers and a few days before that, I had 23 followers and I was excited that in only a few days, I had gained 20 followers. That was huge for me. Four months and 213 videos later, I now almost 42,000 followers. But I want to remind myself and remind you that nothing in life is easy, but it's simple: consistency always wins whether to success or failure. Whatever you do consistently will get you its results. 213 videos in 120 days equals 1.7 videos (almost 2 videos) per day. I've been making videos in good days and bad days because that's the way life should be: we keep moving forward with meaning and purpose.

What I have achieved so far wouldn't have been possible without me putting in the work every day, which I enjoy doing, and you, my followers, continue supporting me, following me, being engaged, and learning.

Lastly, it is important to not have much expectations in life so that you won't be disappointed. Create value, follow your passion, and be consistent without having expectations; this will eventually lead you to success [Inspired by GaryVee]. And if you are creating something that you believe will bring about change and help others and it aligns with your WHY, others will follow [Inspired by Simon Sinek].

Thank you!

So, if you aren't following me already, make sure to follow me here.

Besides TikTok, you can find me below!

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